Much like anything these days (thank you Internet!), the hair world is full of myths and half-truths. It only takes one person to spread something on social media before the whole world is believing it! We’ve heard it all – from brushing your hair 100 times per day to skipping showers altogether to increase hair growth. We all want what’s best for our hair, but sometimes that can lead us to believe or try anything (even when it might have the opposite effect). It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of your locks and separate fact from fiction.

Frequent trimming will make your hair grow faster

We are all about getting regular trims and recommend that you tidy up your ends about every six weeks. However, we quite often hear that people think by doing this, it will miraculously speed up their hair growth. As much as we’d love that to be true, unfortunately, that’s not quite the case! Our hair grows from our scalp, not from the ends. The longer you go without trimming the ends, the more likely it is that split ends will continue to creep up the lengths of your locks – giving you that frayed and stringy look. Trimming the ends helps to keep them healthy, looking thicker and prevents damage from occurring to the rest of your hair. While it doesn’t exactly make your hair grow, it’s important for your overall hair health.

Split ends can be repaired

On the topic of split ends, we hear a lot of people talk about using certain products and doing certain things to repair their split ends. While there are some great things you can do to keep your ends healthy, once they are split you can’t exactly put them back together! When it comes to split ends, prevention is key.

The more you brush your hair, the better

While it’s important to keep your locks tangle-free, you can easily overdo the brushing. Our hair is fragile and excessive pulling, tugging or brushing will only lead to damage (not what we want!). Try to only brush your hair when needed and always be as gentle as possible when doing so.

Stress causes grey hair

I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say that the amount of stress they’re under is causing their hair to turn grey. However, that’s not exactly true. Our hair turns grey mostly due to genetics and aging. As we get older, our hair naturally produces less melanin – the molecules responsible for your hair colour. This is what eventually turns your hair grey. In other words, this one is nothing to stress over!

If your hair is greasy, you should skip the conditioner

We hear a lot of people say that because their hair gets oily, they think it’s better to skip the conditioner. The good news is, your conditioner isn’t causing your greasy locks but is instead an important part of your hair care routine! Oily hair is caused by our scalp tissues producing too much sebum and causing a build-up. This means that you can safely add conditioner back into your shower routine (it also provides nourishment and hydration for your hair).

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