There’s just something about a new season that inspires us all to try something new with our hair! Whether it be a new colour, a new cut or a new hairstyle, a change is as good as a holiday (especially if you’re not going to be jet-setting off to Europe!). Since the long hot days are over and you can finally stand to wear your hair in anything other than a topknot, autumn is a great time to try out a style that’s a little out of your comfort zone and a bit more adventurous. We’ve got you covered with 5 unique hairstyle to try out now!


So many of us are scared to make the commitment to bangs but they can be such a cute autumn hairstyle! Bangs are great for this time of year as there’s no need to worry about them getting all hot and sweaty in the summer heat. Paired with a chin length bob or a choppy lob, bangs are such a fun hairstyle to try out this autumn. They add a little something extra to any hairstyle and look effortless while still being put together!

Fishtail French braids

Many of us love a good French braid because it’s a cute way to keep all of your hair up and out of your face! If you’re looking to put a bit of a unique twist on this classic however, fishtail French braids are a great way to do so. While they are a little trickier, they look so effective and are a great way to wear your hair under a beanie when the weather really cools down. Whether you go for two fishtail French braids or one straight down the middle of your hair, this hairstyle is definitely one to give a go!

The double pony

How many times have you gone to put your hair in a ponytail, only to be disappointed by how short it suddenly looks? We’ve all been there! A double pony is a fun way to try something other than your regular ponytail and is especially effective for those who love it when their hair looks longer. To achieve this style, simple put half your hair up in a regular ponytail towards the top of your head then gather your remaining hair and tie into a pony closer to the nape of your neck. Your top ponytail should conceal the tie of the second one – giving you the appearance of a super long pony!

The Mohawk braid

As you can see, we love a good braid for autumn! The Mohawk braid is another great way to wear your hair that’s a little more unique but definitely not as scary as its sounds. For this braid, you simply begin a Dutch braid right at the top of your forehead (as opposed to towards the back of your head) and braid all the way down your neck and secure it at the end. For the full messy Mohawk effect, gently pull out little bits of your braid and tug it out to loosen it a little.

Low space buns

We all remember when space buns burst onto the scene! If you’re not sure what space buns are, they are double topknot buns that sit up high on your head – as opposed to just a regular single topknot. While space buns have now become such a common hairstyle, low space buns can be a fun way to achieve that double bun look but a little differently. All you have to do is tie your two buns at the nape of you neck. This hairstyle looks great paired with an autumn scarf and also try pulling out a little hair to frame your face!

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