If there’s one thing that most of us want more of in our hair, it’s volume! Whether you’ve always been volume-challenged or years of heat styling combined with colouring has left your locks looking a little limp, flat hair is less than desirable. There’s no need to give up hope yet, however. Even those with the dullest and most lacklustre hair can achieve a fuller look. We’ve got five tips and tricks that you’ll definitely want to try for full, voluminous hair.

Blow-dry your hair upside down

We know this one seems a little crazy but it’s one of the best tricks to give your hair a boost! When we blow dry our hair normally, we usually smooth it in a downwards direction. Flipping our hair upside down and drying it that way causes our roots to lift off our scalp – leading to more voluminous hair. We like to dry our hair about 90% of the way before flipping it back over and running a brush through it. If you like that straight-with-volume look, try running your hair straightener just through the very ends to smooth them out.

Boost your roots with a little dry shampoo

Let’s face it – we all love (and depend on) dry shampoo. By the time our hair gets to the second or third day, it seems like it’s all that is holding us together! We recommend bringing your bottle of dry shampoo out a little earlier. As our natural oils tend to weigh our hair down, our hair is more voluminous when it’s freshly washed and dried. After blow-drying, coat your roots with dry shampoo to slow down the production of these natural oils and maintain that voluminous look a little longer.

Sleep with your hair in a bun

Just like with the upside down blow-drying technique, creating volume is all about lifting the hair off the scalp while it’s drying. After washing your hair at night, secure it in a loose bun at the top of your scalp. We recommend securing it with a hair tie that is not too tight, to avoid creasing it. When you take your hair out in the morning, you’ll be left with soft waves and major volume! Our tip – if your hair has dried a little frizzy, run a small amount of smoothing serum through it to de-frizz and add shine.

Add volume-boosting products to your hair routine

To give your hair that boost, it’s a great idea to add products to your routine that are specifically aimed at adding volume. A good volume-building shampoo and conditioner will go a long way in helping your hair, as will any root-boosting products. Don’t be afraid to layer your products for the ultimate voluminous effect!

Switch up your part

It might be something you don’t think about but parting your hair the same way every day can actually be harming your chances of achieving big, voluminous locks! Parting your hair in the same place over and over can cause it to become flattened in that one direction. Switching up the way you part your hair can give your roots the appearance of having more body and volume. For an extra boost, add a little hair mousse to your roots for extra fullness.

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