While thin hair might seem easier to manage than thick, unruly locks, most people with finer strands spend their days wishing they had the exact opposite – the grass is always greener on the other side! While it’s true that thin hair can be easier to manage, it can also make choosing the right products difficult. Everything seems to weigh finer strands down and no matter what you do, most products tend to make your hair look oily. However, there’s no need to panic! We’re here today to share our top tips when it comes to choosing products for finer hair.

Choose the right texture

When it comes to products for finer hair, the texture is super important. If you’re trying to use products that are thick and heavy – while they might feel really hydrating at the time – they are only going to weigh your locks down. Those with a finer, flatter hair should try to stick with a lightweight mousse or spray when it comes to their hair care routine.

If you can, try to avoid oils and instead opt for products that work to volumise your hair, lifting it from the roots and giving life to your finer strands. A thickening mousse or leave-in spray treatment can be great for adding body and to give your hair the hydration it needs, all without being too heavy or greasy.

Struggling with frizz but finding all those smoothing creams are a little too much for your thinner strands? Try a volumising spray that also works to combat humidity and flyaways! Lock those pesky hairs down without having to worry about how it’s going to cause your strands to become weighed down.

When it comes to your shampoo, once again, it’s a good idea to look for something that’s volumising while not being too heavy. Stick with a lightweight shampoo that’s going to give your locks the appearance of being fuller. Finer hair types will also benefit from shampoos that target product build-up, to ensure your scalp is being cared for.

Leave-in conditioner spray will become your best friend when it comes to nourishing your locks and helping them thrive, especially if you find your particular hair type doesn’t agree with heavy hair masks. Don’t skip the hydration – just use the right formula!

The verdict

While it might seem like finer hair can be trickier when it comes to developing a hair care routine, it’s all about choosing products that are still effective without causing your locks to become heavy and oily. Stick to lightweight products and watch your hair thrive!

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