When it comes to bleached hair, we often think of strands that are dry, brittle, and dehydrated. Although many of us love to experiment with lighter hair colours, we tend to associate this process with hair damage – especially in the long term. Bleaching hair is the process of using a lightener to remove pigment. During this process, because the hair cuticle is opened, bleach can cause brassiness, dullness, and breakage, as well as sap the hair of moisture. However, this doesn’t mean there is any reason to worry! Healthy bleached hair is possible and we’re here today to give you our best tips for maintaining those healthy locks, even if they are bleached.

Tip one: visit your hairdresser often

No, we’re not only saying this because we love to see you (although that is 100% true as well!). One of the most important aspects of keeping your hair healthy when bleaching it is seeing a professional who knows exactly how to prevent damage and keep your locks in the best condition possible. No matter whether you are bleaching your strands for the first time or maintaining those blonde locks, we will always recommend seeing a professional rather than trying to DIY.

Tip two: hydration will be your best friend

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! A well-thought-out hair care routine is *key* when it comes to ensuring those bleached locks are healthy. Basically, it should be your mission to deliver as much moisture and hydration to your hair as possible. It’s important to still choose products that work with your hair type and whether that’s an oil, leave-in conditioner, or deep conditioning mask, it’s going to be super beneficial for your hair to really step up the moisture when it comes to your hair care. 

Tip three: Wash your hair less

This is a tip that we often repeat but it’s definitely still overlooked when it comes to caring for bleached hair. Because bleached locks are more susceptible to dehydration, washing your hair every day can exacerbate this as it strips the natural oils from your strands (you know, those important oils that work hard at keeping your hair super hydrated!). Consider cutting down the number of times you wash your hair per week.

Tip four: Being gentle is key

Bleached hair can often be weaker, and while it’s important to always be gentle with your strands, it’s even more important when your hair is bleached. Try to take care when brushing your hair and choose hairstyles that avoid a lot of tugging and pulling. Take extra care when your hair is wet as this is when your locks are at their most vulnerable – especially when they’ve been bleached. 

While experimenting with your hair colour is something we love as much as you do, it doesn’t always mean that your hair will be damaged and unhealthy. There are so many things you can do in order to have those shiny, healthy locks!

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