For many of us, isolation provided just too much temptation to play with our hair. While it might have been fun at the time, we’re sure there are a few of you who may be having some hair regrets! No need to worry though, we are here to help. Now that most salons are operating again, it’s time to book in for that much needed colour correction. If you’re not sure what the process entails or what to expect when you come into the salon for a colour correction, we want to let you know the ins and outs.

A few things to consider

Trying to correct a bad hair situation can be stressful, so we want to make sure the process is as comfortable and easy for you as possible. Maybe you tried out a box dye that didn’t quite work out the way you thought it would, or maybe you just want a change from your previous blonde colour. A couple of things to think about before you come into the salon are whether you are wanting to strip out that box dye and go lighter or if you want to colour over the blonde, bringing your hair back to a more natural colour. Whatever you decide, we will be there to help guide you!

Your hair may require bleaching. If this is the case, we may need to perform a strand test prior to your session. This is so we can best assess how your hair will react to the bleach.

You may have heard that when you make the decision to go from blonde to brunette, your hair can turn green if it is not done correctly. This is true! That is why a professional hair stylist will suggest filling the hair with pigment prior to putting the “brown” colour over the top.

Come in and see us

It’s difficult for us to gauge the scope of what you need over the phone. We recommend an in-salon consultation with us prior to making an appointment. This allows us to thoroughly assess your needs and give you a quote before the service.

The process

Before coming in for a colour correction, it’s important to note that it’s rarely as simple as putting one colour over the entire hair and being done. You could be lucky and get the perfect result in one session and be in and out in only a few hours, but it could also be a longer process that takes several hours over a few sessions. We want you to achieve the perfect colour but our priority will always be to maintain the health and integrity of your hair!

Whether your DIY iso job was a complete disaster, or just didn’t go to plan, we want you to know that we will work closely with you and ensure we can reach the best outcome. We want you to leave the salon feeling confident and amazing!

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