This time of year is all about enjoying the sunshine and the warmer weather! While we are loving the summer months, it might also seem like your hair and skin are benefitting from them as well. You might have even heard from a friend, coworker, or even social media that your hair grows faster this time of year – however, does it actually? Here at Koto Hair, we love busting hair myths and talking about what is and isn’t just a social media trend. Today, we’re talking all about whether faster hair growth and summer really do go hand in hand.

What effect does the sun have on our hair?

Summer is all about the longer periods of sun and higher temperatures. This means that the warmer weather can enhance the supply of nutrients required for keratin production. Because keratin is a protein necessary for hair growth, when it is increased, you may experience faster hair growth. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we will all experience miracle hair growth for three months out of the year (we wish!). Many other factors contribute to the rate at which your hair grows, such as…


We already know that genetics play a *huge* role when it comes to everything from our skin to our appearance – and our hair is no exception! Genetics can influence your hair in a pretty big way, including how fast it grows. While it is up to you to look after the health of your strands, if you find that the summer months don’t make a difference to the rate of your hair growth, it might all come down to your genetics!

Myth or fact

So while it is true that the heat and sun can increase our hair growth (possibly by up to 10%!), there are also many other factors to contend with! Some of the reasons for this seasonal change might be due to increased humidity in the air or increased blood circulation. When the weather is warm, the body doesn’t need to work as hard to keep the internal organs warm – as it does in the winter season. Increased blood flow equals more blood getting to the scalp, leading to slightly faster hair growth.

So, how do I take advantage of this?

Whether you experience increased hair growth in the summer or not, it’s super important to make the health of your hair a priority. The more you look after your locks, the healthier they will be as they grow! Make sure you are protecting your strands from the summer sun as much as possible and minimising your use of heat tools where you can (and always use heat protectant!).

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