Now more than ever we are seeing a shift towards a more sustainable future. We are becoming more aware of the impact of our choices, and unfortunately, the beauty industry is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to excess waste and single-use plastics. It’s important to make eco-conscious choices where we can and make an effort to ensure our hair routine is kinder to the environment. Here are our 5 top tips for a more sustainable hair routine.

Upcyle your hair care bottles

Let’s face it – beauty products lead to a lot of waste. Between shampoo bottles and hair care containers, we are constantly throwing away old and empty products. Instead of getting rid of these containers, try finding a new purpose for them. Turn your old bottles into holders for hair ties and bobby pins, makeup brushes, or even a pot for a small plant. Get creative! It’s a great way to reuse something that would otherwise be thrown away and sent to landfill.

Check the labels

As we are becoming more eco-conscious, we are seeing so many more environmentally friendly brands appear on the market. Unfortunately, a lot of hair products still contain harsh chemicals that are extremely harmful to our planet – and your health! Take some time to check the labels on your products to see what kind of ingredients they contain. It’s also a great opportunity to research more organic products that work to reduce your hair routines carbon footprint.

Monitor your water usage

A lot of us may be in the habit of taking long, hot showers – especially when we need to wash our hair. It might be time to check just how long you are spending in the shower and whether you can work to cut down this time a little. This will ensure you are saving water where you can!

Go heatless

Not only is skipping the straightener or curling iron great for your hair (they can cause some serious damage over time!), it’s also great for the environment. Limiting heat styling will ensure your hair routine is much more energy-efficient and kinder on the planet. Use this as an opportunity to find some cute heatless hairstyles! If you want to go one step further, let your hair air dry instead of reaching for the hairdryer. Your hair and the planet will thank you!

Go organic

When it comes to drying your locks, opt for organic cotton towels instead of regular cotton towels. Organic cotton towels are much more environmentally friendly and are made without the use of harmful chemicals. They are also free from harmful dyes and pollutants, meaning they use less energy during production and are much kinder on sensitive skin. Organic cotton towels are definitely the way to go when it comes to your post-shower hair routine!

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