Your hair can start to go grey as early as your twenties and while this may seem like the end of the world at the time, there’s been a movement towards embracing your grey hair recently. There’s undoubtedly something liberating in just letting your hair grow out! Embracing your grey hair has come along with plenty of support, from celebrities to stylists to hair experts. Whether you’re looking for the best cut or products to keep those white hues looking sleek, there’s now no shortage of inspiration and advice. Let’s talk about why embracing your natural hair could be the best thing for you!

It can save you time and money

There’s something so exciting about heading to the hairdresser to completely change your look. Whether it’s a new cut or colour, we love a good hair makeover as much as the next person. However, there’s no denying that maintaining a certain style can be time-consuming and costly! Between touch-up appointments and maintenance products, your locks can end up going through a lot. Embracing your natural tresses can end up saving you both time and money. Never fear though! You’ll still be able to visit your hairdresser for regular cuts so you won’t miss them too much.

It can be amazing for your hair health

While salon formulas are much more hair-friendly than they used to be, they can still cause breakage and damage over time. And let’s face it – not dyeing your hair will only be good for your locks and scalp, especially if you get it coloured frequently. Grey hair can also be even more susceptible to damage as grey hair follicles are void of melanin (the naturally occurring chemical that gives your hair pigmentation in the first place). Plus, your strands become weaker as you age. This means that embracing your grey hair can definitely be healthier for your locks in the long run!

It can feel good

We mean it – growing out your grey hair can be totally freeing! We are all about embracing whatever makes you feel and look good, whether that’s coloured or grey hair. So if you are at the stage where maintaining your locks is feeling like a chore, letting it all go can be liberating. Don’t rush the process, engage with your stylists, and don’t be afraid to experiment. There’s no harm in trying it and the best thing about hair is that you can always change your mind!

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