There are many reasons why our hair is the way it is! Most of it is down to biological factors – your mum’s curls, your dad’s colour. But there are several other reasons why our hair is a certain way. The environment may be having a bigger impact on your locks than you think and we want to give you our best tips and tricks for dealing with these factors.

Cold Air

This one is obviously a bigger issue in winter, but it helps to be prepared! While you may think the warmer weather causes dry hair, the truth is that cold, dry air can cause the cuticle of your strands to lift. This makes it difficult for them to retain moisture, leading to dry locks, breakage and split ends. In other words, not what we want! The best thing you can do is get a regular trim to ensure you get rid of any split ends and incorporate products into your hair care routine that combat moisture loss.


We bet you saw this coming! We all dread humidity and when combined with our hair, it never turns out well. Humidity causes our hair to ‘swell’, ultimately leading to frizz. No thank you! While there may not be too much you can do about the humid weather, using a leave-in conditioner or smoothing product on humid days can help keep frizz to a minimum and control it as best you can.


Pollution isn’t just an environmental hazard, it can also have an impact on your hair. Particles from air pollution can sit on your strands and on your scalp, affecting proteins and moisture retention. This is why your hair care routine is so important. Adding hydration and scalp care products can help to fight damage caused by air pollution and nourish your hair.


Just like our skin, our hair can also feel the effects of direct sunlight. The heat from the sun can really dry out our locks and make them more susceptible to damage. Protecting our hair from the sun is always important, but particularly during the summer months. If you know you will be spending a large amount of time in the sun, make sure you are nourishing your hair with ultra-hydrating products to add essential moisture back into the strands. Wearing a hat is also a great idea!

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