Ask any blonde and they will tell you – blonde hair is a really big commitment! One day you leave the salon looking amazing and then all of a sudden the brassy tones start to creep in. There’s no need to panic though! There are plenty of things you can do and steps you can take in order to keep your blonde locks looking fresh and bright. Say hello to beautiful, salon fresh hair that’s here to stay!


Invest in a purple shampoo


As a dedicated blonde or someone looking to venture down that road, you’ve likely heard of purple shampoo before. On the colour wheel, purple sits opposite to yellow and therefore will counteract any yellow tones that start to develop in your hair. We recommend using a purple shampoo 1-2 times per week in order to keep your blonde colour looking shiny and pearlescent. You should start to see the brassy tones disappear within three washes using a purple shampoo and with regular use it’s easy to maintain the blonde colour you left the salon with.


Keep your hair hydrated


Not only can the process of bleaching and colouring your hair leave it feeling dry and brittle, daily heat styling can also seriously dehydrate your hair. This can leave the hair stripped of its natural oils and looking dull and lacklustre. No thank you! To keep your blonde locks looking fresh and healthy, we recommend using a deep conditioning mask once a week. This is a great way to add essential moisture back into your hair and a really important step when dealing with colour treated hair.


Keep your hair protected from the sun


This is definitely a tip that is often overlooked but we should all be taking measures to keep our hair protected from the sun – especially blondes! There are certain chemicals that hair dye contains which make your hair more susceptible to damage from UV. Unfortunately, this damage can cause your gorgeous blonde colour to turn brassy, dull and yellow. Covering your hair with a hat when you know you’re going to be out in the sun is a great way to prevent damage from UV. You can even use a UV spray to protect your hair from sun exposure as well.


Wet your hair before going swimming


We know, we know – this one sounds a little pointless but hear us out! As a blonde, have you ever gone swimming only for your hair to end up turning green? It’s not a great look! Your hair naturally absorbs the copper found in water and causes it to show on those with lighter hair. This can ruin the tone of the blonde colour and can cause your hair to turn green. Before going swimming, wetting your hair first can prevent this from happening and keep your colour protected. Another tip – apply a hair mask before hitting the beach or the pool to give your hair that extra protection from the water and also to keep it feeling soft and smooth!


Koto Hair x

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