A few years ago, balayage was all anyone could talk about when it came to hair, and since then it’s remained as popular as ever! Known for its soft melting colours and easy maintenance, this is one trend that looks like it’s always going to be a staple. If you’re new to the balayage game or have decided to try the colour technique, there are a few things to know before you dive in. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to balayage.

Let’s start at the beginning

So, what is balayage? The word itself means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. It’s a technique in which the colour is hand painted onto the hair in order to give it a natural and gradual transition from one colour to the next – without harsh or obvious lines. Typically, hair transitions softly from dark to light, creating dimensions of colour and leaving the transition soft and blended. Because of this technique, the colour is able to be customised to you – no need to go directly from brunette to blonde.

Also, because of the hand painting technique, your stylist will be able to highlight certain features or even detract from them. It’s a colour experience completely unique to your hair type and colour.

How is it different from highlights?

Balayage is hand painted into the surface of the hair, rather than saturating straight through an entire section. It’s less harsh, completely avoiding the dreaded ‘striped’ look, as it gives a less consistent highlighted look. The results are softer overall, as the progression of colour is more natural and effortless.

How much maintenance does it require?

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest perks of balayage is that it requires far less maintenance than other colouring techniques. Because there are no harsh lines and the colour softly transitions, it will grow out easily and beautifully. This also means that regular salon visits aren’t required to touch the colour up! Once you’ve achieved your desired colour, you can go months without a proper touch up. This also means that if you decide you no longer want balayage, it’s much easier to completely grow out or transition back to your natural colour.

Is balayage suitable for my hair?

Another fantastic thing about balayage is that it’s suitable for almost any hair type and length! It’s particularly popular for those with long hair, as it helps to create a lot of texture and dimension through the lengths. It’s only when it comes to pixie cuts that balayage will be difficult to achieve, since there is not a lot of length to work with.

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