As one of our wonderful clients here at Koto Hair, you are the most important part of our business.  This is why we have spent time working out how we can always put our best foot forward.  We want you to leave our salon feeling refreshed, relaxed and like a total VIP!  Those worries about work deadlines, gone.  The stress about the Mt. Everest of washing you have at home, gone.  Whilst you’re in the salon, we want you to forget about the outside world, well… except for the latest Hollywood scandal on the front page of that gossip mag you’re holding in your hands, there’s always time for that, right?

So what else do we do to make sure you feel like a complete rockstar after being in our care?


We make you feel at home (minus the noisy kids)

As soon as you walk through our door, you’ll be greeted, offered a beverage from our menu and stocked up with a range of reading material.  We want you to feel comfortable in our space, after all, that’s why we created it.  Koto Hair is a place where you can come to relax, and have some time for yourself, in a high-end boutique salon, where of course, you also receive cutting edge and professional hair services.

We’ll get to know you! Oh, and your hair

Consultation is extremely important to us.  Not only so that we can have you walking out the door feeling amazing, but so that we can understand how we will be looking after you on a longer-term basis too.  We want to know if you have the time at home to style your hair, or if you’re the ‘chuck it up in a Mum Bun’ kind of gal.  This all helps us to make suggestions around your style, colour and of course, the products you can use at home that fit in with your lifestyle!

We’ll educate you on caring for and creating your style at home

There is nothing worse.  You’ve walked out of a salon feeling like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, your hair bouncing as you walk back to your car.  Three days later, you wash your hair at home and want to run straight back to the salon for the fresh style feeling.  It’s important to us that you can at least have a chance to have great hair at home too.  So we’ll talk to you about the techniques and products we use to give you those bouncy, shiny locks that you lust for.

 You’ll always be offered a treatment

We know it’s hard to find the time for home treatments and that’s why we always offer them in the salon.  Not only is it an extra little bit of time for relaxing and a longer massage (bring it on!), we know that treatments help with damaged, dry or lifeless hair.  Trust us on this one, after all, we’re here for you…and your hair!

Scalp massages…need we say more

Actually yes, because at Koto we take you through our Koto massage journey every time you’re at the basin.  We’ll even spritz some lavender mist for extra relaxation.


Then all we need to do is add a dash of whimsy, a sense of humour, appreciation for creativity and artistry, and wrap it all up in an environment that fosters creative thinking and the individual. When we do something we want to do it perfectly. Hairdressing is in our DNA.

Engage, Inspire, Connect, Laugh…KOTO

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