Feeling inspired to completely change up your look? Maybe you’ve been saving some blonde inspo to your Pinterest Board or maybe you’re just ready to try something new. Whatever the reason, going from black to blonde is a *huge* transformation, and while it can be quite the journey to get there, it’s not impossible. Going from dark to light can be tough, but with the help of a professional who knows the best (and healthiest) way to get there, there’s nothing more exciting than a complete hair 180.

Healthy hair is best

The very first step in any major hair journey such as this is ensuring that your locks are in the best condition possible. We’re not going to lie – going from black to blonde can be tough on those locks! The colour process is lengthy, not to mention harsh, and we want to protect the health and integrity of your hair as much as we can. That means if your hair is already damaged, it’s only going to get worse and make the process that much more difficult. We recommend trimming those dead ends and keeping up with a healthy hair routine prior to beginning the colouring process.

Chat to your hairdresser

Believe us – they know what they are talking about! Instead of just booking an appointment and insisting you want to go from black to blonde immediately, it’s a good idea to visit them for a consultation first. They will be able to assess your hair and let you know exactly what you will be in for during the process.

Let’s strip that colour

This part of the process can be…tedious. Especially when you are starting with black or very dark brown hair. It will most likely have to be repeated a few times while you go from black to red to orange to yellow, until finally reaching that pale yellow stage. This can involve multiple salon visits depending on how your hair is handling the bleaching process.

Time to add colour

After that time consuming stripping process, you’ll finally be ready to add the colour. It’s always a great idea to bring in inspiration pictures of the shade of blonde you’re wanting to achieve, so your hairdresser can tone it accordingly.

Take care of your new locks

Unfortunately when going blonde, the work doesn’t stop there! Blonde hair takes maintenance, and after all the hard work to get there, you’re going to want to look after it as best as you can. It’s important to book in for a root touch-up, trim, and tone around every eight or so weeks. You’re also going to want to keep up that healthy hair routine, such as using deep conditioning treatments and purple shampoo to help with toning.

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