While being stuck at home might have you feeling a little like you’re in a hair rut (and missing your favourite salon), there’s no reason why you can’t use this time to experiment with some fun new hairstyles. If you find yourself wearing endless messy buns and sporting 3-day hair, you might be in need of a little hair inspo. The best part? When it’s time to schedule in those brunches and after work drinks again, you’ll have mastered so many new ‘dos!

French braids

Let’s be honest, braiding your own hair can be tricky but it’s one of those things you have always been dying to master! Now is the perfect time to really perfect this simple but effective hairstyle. French braids can be sported from the gym to the office to events – they’re so versatile. There are so many tutorials available online and this is a great way to learn. Keep trying and you’ll have it mastered in no time!

Space buns

Space buns burst onto the scene a few years ago – thank you Miley Cyrus – and have definitely stuck around. A popular choice for festivals, events and parties, space buns (two high buns on either side of your head) are a fun hair choice that makes a statement. This is definitely a style that can be harder to do than you think! We recommend tying your hair into two high pigtails then using a second hair tie to create two buns. Use bobby pins to secure everything in place and mess them up to your desired effect!

The wrap ponytail

A classic style that works for any occasion – the wrap ponytail takes a regular pony to the next level. It’s a great way to add a little something extra to a ponytail and works wonders to hide your hair tie. Simply tie your locks into a ponytail at your desired height, take a strip of hair from the pony and use it to wrap around the hair tie. Use bobby pins and a touch of hair spray to secure.

Loose waves

While you might be using this time to give your hair a break from heat styling (definitely a great opportunity to do so!), it’s also a chance to master those loose waves you’ve always wanted to. Using a curling wand can be much trickier than you think but once you have it down pat, you’re able to create those picture-perfect waves in no time. Our tip? Take small sections of your hair at a time and run a wide-tooth comb through the curls to loosen them.

The fishtail pony

Want to really impress everyone post-isolation? A fishtail pony is a super fun and effective hairstyle. A fishtail braid can be tricky but now is the time to practice! Again, a great way to learn is to watch tutorials online so you can really master this one. Worn low or high, the fishtail pony can really amp your whole look up!

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