With Christmas almost here, it’s time to get those last-minute gifts sorted! When it comes to the hair lovers in your life or just those people who can be tricky to buy for, we’ve got you covered. We’re bringing you a list of undoubtedly amazing gifts that are sure to surprise any of the special people in your life this Christmas.

A silk pillowcase

This is a staple in any hair lover’s life but often something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves! Silk pillowcases are a great way to combat frizz and get that extra day out of your hairstyle – especially when you’ve spent so long on it. It also helps to reduce friction, meaning less damage and less breakage when it comes to your strands. It makes for a super luxe Christmas gift but we recommend also grabbing one for yourself!

High-quality shampoo and conditioner

Let’s face it – we will forever recommend everyone use a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner from your hairdresser. However, we understand that not everyone does. This is the perfect excuse to treat someone special to a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that will nourish and transform their locks! Not sure about the best products? Pop into your hairdressers and they’ll be able to help you out.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are always a great gift idea for any hair lover. There are so many options: think clips, scrunchies, headbands – the options are endless! These make great stocking fillers and are perfect to add to any present!

Personalised hair care

This is the best way to show someone special that you were thinking of them! What do we mean by personalised hair care? Buying them products specific to their hair type. Do you have a curly girl in your life or someone who is always searching for products to give them more volume? Tailor your gift to their hair type or preferences for the ultimate special gift!

A box of all their favourite products

This might not seem so exciting but trust us, there’s nothing better than having backups of your favourite products on hand! No one loves the feeling of running out of their favourite hair mask or dry shampoo. A gift box full of all their most-used products is sure to make any hair lover in your life happy. Plus, you can include things that turn their products into a pamper session – chocolates anyone?

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