Hairspray is a little like the duct tape of the hair world – it can fix almost any hair problem! A bad hair day, frizz, flyaways, or just an unruly style can all be helped by a little hairspray. Using hairspray seems like a no-brainer, right? Yes and no. On the surface, hairspray is an easy-to-use one-step hair product that will be there for you through any type of hair day. But did you know you might be using it incorrectly? We’re going to talk about some mistakes you might be making when it comes to hairspray and how to fix them!

Using too much

The more the better, right? In this case, more hairspray might actually be doing more harm than good. Not only does it leave your hair with that rough, crunchy feeling, the product build-up might actually cause your hair to lose shine and volume over time – no thank you! Go in with a light touch and ensure you’re spraying at an angle that covers all your strands – not just the top layer. For extra volume, go in underneath the top layer to add more fullness.

Spraying wet hair

When you use hairspray on wet hair, you’re not reaping the full benefits of the product! Wet hair interferes with its ability to hold a style, so make sure your strands are fully dry before going in with hairspray. As well as this, wet hair can prevent the evaporation of alcohols used in some hairsprays, causing damage to your locks. Simply put, make sure to only use hairspray on completely dry hair!

Re-applying often

This goes hand-in-hand with using too much hairspray! It might seem like reapplying often can increase the longevity of your hairstyle but in truth, it will cause your hair to become weighed down and flat. Think of hairspray as a one-and-done type of product – choosing the correct one with the correct hold means you should only have to apply a little for that lasting effect. 

Using hairspray before heat styling

Applying hairspray prior to using heat tools can have the same effect as trying to use them on wet hair – very damaging! Hairspray can create moisture on the hair and the last thing we want to do is run a hair straightener over damp hair. Using it before styling can lead to damage and hair breakage so always make sure you use it as a last step!

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