Since working from home has become the new norm, a lot of us have found ourselves having regular Zoom meetings to keep in contact with our coworkers (or even using it to catch up with friends!). While not seeing your colleagues face to face might feel different, there’s no reason not to show up to your meetings feeling confident about yourself. If you’re looking for some fresh inspo when it comes to hairstyles for your next Zoom meeting, we’ve got just the thing for you!

The slick top knot

While pulling all of your hair back is a super cute style to rock in real life, sometimes it doesn’t quite come across on camera when everyone is looking at you front on. That’s where the top knot comes in. It’s a quick, easy and classic style that always works and can also be great for hiding roots that may be in need of a touch up.

Add some volume

Everything comes across on camera a little more dull than it is in real life – from your hair to your makeup. Adding a little volume to your hair before your meeting can give it that extra lift it needs. Flipping your head upside down and brushing it from underneath can add some much needed body, as well as using dry shampoo on the roots.

Half-up half-down

Let’s face it – working from home can make it difficult to find the motivation to style our hair every morning! This is where our favourite hair hack comes in. By pulling half of your hair up into a high bun or braid, you only have to focus on styling the bottom half. Whether your opt for waves or straight locks, it can save you time and still help you look beautifully put together on camera.

Add an accessory

Like we’ve said, standing out on camera can be difficult as everything appears a little more dull. That’s why adding a fun and bright accessory to your hairstyle can add a little something extra to your next online meeting. Try using a fun scrunchie, a cute headband or some clips in your hair – you’ll love the end result!

The side plait

The best part about Zoom meetings? Most of the time, those you are meeting with can only see you from front on! While we love a French braid as much as the next person, they can be tricky to master. Plaiting your hair down one side is a great way to give the illusion of a braid, especially if your hair is on the longer side.

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