Whether you love getting all dressed up for the holidays or prefer something casual and comfy, there’s a hairstyle for you out there no matter what your Christmas looks like! Between end of year work drinks and Christmas lunches, we’ve got you covered when it comes to fun and easy ‘dos for the festive season. There’s no better way to say hello to a new year than trying out a new style!

Beach waves

The ultimate laid-back summer style has to go to beachy waves. It gives you that effortless but still put-together look, like you’ve just come straight from a dip in the ocean to Christmas lunch. If you’re wanting to keep things casual this festive season, tousled beach waves are a great go-to. A little texturising spray can help give you that beach hair look that screams summer holidays.

Sleek pony

There are not many situations where a slicked-back ponytail won’t look amazing. This style compliments just about any outfit and occasion, which is perfect for when you have no idea how to style your hair. It’s also great for those last-minute plans (and we know summer is full of those!). Whether you like your pony to be straight or wavy, a sleek updo such as this is always a staple.

Halo braid

Halo or crown braids are definitely a hairstyle that is sure to impress! If you know you want to take your look up a level, a halo braid is the way to go. A halo braid is essentially one long braid that wraps all the way around the crown of your head (sitting exactly like a halo!). It can be a bit tricky to master, but once you’ve got it down, it’s a fun way to experiment with your hair this Christmas.

Festive accessories

There’s one sure way to turn any hairstyle into a festive hairstyle, and that’s by adding some cute festive accessories. This can be anything from clips, to scrunchies, to headbands – even tinsel if you are feeling extra festive! They are a great option for when you need something quick but still want to get into the holiday spirit.

The plaited pony

Want to do something other than a ponytail but have trouble braiding? The plaited pony is the perfect solution! This hairstyle looks great if you create a slick, high pony first, then simply plait your ponytail all the way down. It’s easy, quick, and still sleek and sophisticated. The perfect ‘do for end of year drinks or spontaneous summer plans!

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