Having thick, full, voluminous hair is basically the ultimate hair goal for most of us – especially if you have naturally fine or thin hair. It can be hard to achieve the look and style you want when trying to get even the smallest bit of volume and thickness seems almost impossible. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to give the appearance of thicker hair and we want to share with you our favourite handy hacks for getting that voluminous look!

Get trims frequently

It’s natural that after a hair trim, your hair might look and feel thicker than it usually does. Even a small cut can help to remove all of the split ends and even out the ends of your hair. This is what helps it to feel less stringy and more full. Getting a trim every six to eight weeks can help to keep up that appearance of thicker hair, as well as help to maintain its health.

Think about the best haircut for you

If your hair is on the thinner side, it may be time to try out a new cut or style. A shorter, more blunt cut can really help to give the appearance of thicker hair, as opposed to keeping it long. A shorter cut can add a lot of body and volume as it doesn’t weigh your locks down as much as a longer cut does. Plus, shorter styles are super in right now! Your stylist can help work out what the best shape and style is for you, but going for something shorter can make a huge difference.

Choose the right products

Hair that is thinner and finer tends to be weighed down easier – meaning heavy creams, conditioning treatments and oils may make your locks appear greasier and flatter than you would like them to. It might be time to switch those heavy hair care products out for something lighter. Try a texturising or volumising mist to add some body to your hair, or a sea salt spray to give your locks a boost. If your hair needs extra moisture, try to opt for something less likely to weigh the strands down!

Consider how you use heat tools

While using heat on your hair can be damaging in itself, you don’t need to swear off it altogether! Having that sleek, straightened look is all well and good, except for when you already have fine and flat hair. If you’re finding that a hair straightener is leaving your locks too dull-looking, try out some beach-style waves instead. This can help give your strands some extra width and dimension, as well as helping them to appear thicker and fuller!

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