If there’s one question that’s asked time and time again when it comes to hair, it’s this: how often should I wash my hair? Finding the perfect hair washing schedule seems impossible! Just like everything, the answer is not so simple and will be different for everyone. There are many factors that contribute to how often you should wash your hair and it’s all about finding that middle ground (somewhere between not over-washing and not letting it become an oily mess!). Here are our best tips when it comes to your hair washing schedule.

Consider your hair type

Just like when it comes to purchasing hair products, your hair type should be taken into consideration when determining how often to wash your hair. Every different hair length, texture and type will require a certain kind of attention. If your hair is on the thicker side, it will require less washing as you can go longer without doing so. Hair that is on the thinner side has the tendency to become dirtier and oilier more quickly, so you will need to wash more frequently. Those with curlier hair may find that their hair is dryer and can go longer between washes, while those with thinner hair may have to wash more often. Think about your hair type and how this will affect your washing schedule!


The kind of lifestyle you lead definitely has an impact on your hair washing needs – more so than you think! If you are an active person, it’s likely that you will need to wash your hair more frequently. Sweaty hair is dirty hair, and although this doesn’t mean you need to cleanse your strands *every* day, it does mean that you shouldn’t go too long without washing. As sweat piles up, it clogs your pores and dirties your scalp – no thank you!

Hair colour

Are you rocking gorgeous brunette locks? You’re in luck! Those with dark hair should consider sticking to a hair wash schedule of only 2 times per week as shampooing brunette hair too frequently can result in a faded colour and loss of pigment. Darker colours also tend to look less oily than lighter strands.

So, as you can see, there are many things that contribute to how often you should wash your hair! It’s all down to your individual hair type and circumstances. It’s important to remember that over-washing can strip your hair of all its natural oils, causing it to become dry and dehydrated. Most people will find that every 2-3 days is a good amount for them, and it’s also possible for your hair to adapt to a less frequent washing schedule. And when in doubt, always have a bottle of dry shampoo handy if you need to lengthen the intervals between washes!

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