Diving into the world of hair care can feel overwhelming – after all, there are so many products and do’s and don’ts that it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. A hair care routine is important for ensuring your locks stay as healthy and undamaged as possible. It goes beyond just washing and styling but developing a solid hair care routine will be the best thing you ever do! Not only that, it’s a fantastic form of self care and can give you a chance to pamper yourself a little. If the idea of a hair care routine feels confusing, this one’s for you!

Figure out what your hair needs

Knowing what kind of hair you have will go a long way in determining what products should be a part of your hair care routine. Do you struggle with oily roots or dry ends? Maybe, your scalp is flaky or your hair is damaged from years of heat styling and colouring. Knowing whether you need products that will nourish, hydrate or repair is the first step in developing your new hair care routine.

Your must-have products

While there is no shortage of different products out there when it comes to your hair, there are a few staples that should always be present in your hair care routine. A high-quality shampoo and conditioner that targets your hair type, plus a heat protectant for when you do use heat tools to style your hair. We also recommend using a microfibre towel over a cotton one as it’s less damaging on the strands.

A styling product that works for your hair type, such as a gel, mousse or cream, as well as a deep conditioning mask to keep your locks healthy and hydrated (it’s a great idea to use this once a week!). If you experience dry or dehydrated hair, a good hair oil is also great to work into your routine.

Establish a hair washing routine

Whether you can get away with a once a week wash or need a little more than that, it’s a great idea to develop a hair washing schedule. Ideally, keep the hair washing to no more than three times per week as overwashing can strip the strands of their natural oils. Maybe every Sunday you wash and do a hair mask, or perhaps you like your locks to be fresh and clean for Saturday evening. Whatever schedule works for you! Dry your hair with your microfibre towel and style as desired, ensuring you always use a heat protectant when heat styling.

Between washes, you can use dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh if need be and use your styling products to keep your locks looking perfect.

Once you have the basics down pat, you will find your hair care routine will become second nature and will be something that you look forward to doing! The trick is to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of products that are out there, and instead stick to only what your hair actually needs.

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