Ever styled your hair to absolute *perfection* only to have it ruined by static hair? It totally ruins your hair vibe. Static hair happens when hair becomes charged with electricity – basically it’s the perfect example of when opposites attract (two pieces of hair rubbing together), all in the name of ruining a good hair day. Not only does static hair cause all those raised flyaways, it means your hair will likely become stuck in your eyes, lipstick, and anything else it can find to stick to. So, how do we deal with it?

Anti-static hair products

Ok, so while these aren’t *actually* anti-static hair products, they do go a long way in helping the situation. Hairspray, leave in conditioner, or a good quality hair oil are all products that will work to fight static hair. Don’t over apply – this will only weigh your hair down and cause oiliness – just use a small amount to keep all those strands where they should be!

Stay away from plastic

Plastic combs and hairbrushes are not your friend when trying to deal with static hair. This is because plastic is non-conductive, which means your hair will become much more staticky (no thanks!). Opt for wooden or metal hair tools as these are conductive – AKA they will help get rid of static. Plus, not only do they work in your favour when taming static hair, they are also much more environmentally friendly than plastic products. Tame your locks and show the environment some love!

Be mindful of your hair washing habits

You might not think about it, but the amount of times you wash your hair per week can be contributing to static. Washing your hair everyday can strip your hair of its natural oil because of the harsh detergents in shampoo. This means that your locks might be crying out for moisture. If your hair is dehydrated it is more likely to conduct an electric charge causing static hair! Shampooing less and also using a high-quality conditioner will ensure your hair is feeling moisturised and nourished, helping to prevent static.

When it comes down to it, winning the war on static hair is more often about ensuring your hair is hydrated. Being mindful of your hair habits and choosing the right products will go a long way when dealing with static. It’s also important to remember that, unfortunately, sometimes you can’t stop static no matter what you do. The best thing to do is pull your hair back and own that up-do!

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