While most of us might have an established skincare routine, our hair is often forgotten about. However, if your goal is healthy, thriving locks, creating a morning and night routine for your hair can do wonders for your strands. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – as much as we’d love to have endless time in the morning and night – but staying consistent and choosing the right products goes a long way. Here are our best tips for establishing a morning and night hair routine.

In the morning

Put your best foot forward and start with the right brush! It might not seem like it’s important but choosing the right brush for your hair type can make all the difference. Then it’s time to consider your day – do you need something heavily-styled or something looser? If you really don’t need to, it’s always a good idea to opt for a style that requires fewer products. This will not only save you time but is better for your hair in the long run.

Hair health hack: Consider going heatless as much as possible to save time and prevent damage!

Another tip is to avoid getting your skincare products into your hairline as this will only lead to greasy roots. Use a cute headband to hold those strands back. If it’s been a few days since your last wash, using a touch of dry shampoo can refresh your hair between washes. 

Your morning hair routine is all about saving as much time as possible while still looking put together. Most of the hard work is done at night.

At night

Most of us will have a little more time at night than we do in the morning, so this is where your hair care routine will really shine. No matter how healthy your hair is, protecting it while you sleep is always a good idea! Use a leave-in conditioner that will nourish your hair while you sleep. When it comes to bedtime, all that tossing and turning can really wreak havoc on your strands. Try tying it in a loose plait to sleep in or if it’s too short, using a silk scrunchie or cap. It’s also a great idea to invest in a silk pillowcase as these are much kinder to your hair than cotton. 

No matter the season, hydrating your hair is key! Pick one night a week to pamper yourself with a deep conditioning mask to ensure your strands are super hydrated and nourished. On the nights when you’re not using a mask, including a treatment in your routine will go a long way for your hair’s health. 

No matter what, establishing a routine is all about choosing the right products and consistently using them. It’s a chance to pamper yourself as well as look after those locks!

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