We all know how important it is to look after and protect our hair – especially when heat styling, using colour or even swimming – but we often forget about taking care of our locks while we get our beauty sleep! When it comes to getting ready for bed, most of us will cleanse our faces, apply our skincare and even make ourselves a cup of tea. A good night routine is key when trying to get the recommended 8 hours sleep! However, when it comes to our hair, many of us simply tie it back and forget about it. This can actually have a negative impact on the health of our hair but don’t worry, we have some tips and tricks to ensure you wake up with gorgeous locks every morning!

Try not to sleep with your hair tied up

We know all you want to do at night is tie your hair back so it doesn’t get in your way while you’re sleeping but having your hair in a bun or ponytail can cause damage while you rest. The pulling and tension from having it tied up can strain your scalp and cause hair breakage – something we definitely don’t want! This doesn’t mean you have to sleep with your hair down and around your face. We suggest tying it in a loose plait at the bottom of your scalp to keep it out of the way and to prevent damage.

Keep those locks dry

If you’re a night hair washer, this tip is especially important to keep in mind. When you’re hair is wet, it’s at its most exposed state and much more likely to be susceptible to damage. Wet hair breaks easily and severe tugging from tossing and turning at night can cause a world of damage! We highly suggest letting your hair air dry before heading to bed or using a hair dryer if you’ve washed it late at night.

Use an overnight hair mask or treatment

There’s nothing we love more than a good hair mask! It’s an important step in your hair care routine so we suggest taking full advantage of your night hours to let one really soak into your locks. Make sure it’s one that can applied onto dry hair and then softly plait your hair at your neck to lock it in. Not only will you give your hair extra protection one night a week but the deep conditioning will leave you with healthy, shiny hair!

Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase

We used to imagine silk pillowcases as something that was only an indulgence but they are actually a great investment for your hair! A high-quality silk pillowcase is much more gentle than cotton, which tends to grab onto your hair and cause breakage as you toss and turn. A silk case will be much smoother on your hair and will even help to prevent frizz – it’s a win-win!

Give it a brush before bed and when you wake up

We know a lot of people like to avoid brushing their hair but think of it like a massage for your scalp! Brushing your hair before you go to bed is important because it removes any tangles that may worsen while you sleep. Vigorous brushing to get extreme tangles out can then lead to damage and hair breakage. If you choose to sleep with your hair down, brush it out gently when you wake up to make sure it remains soft and tangle free!

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