Our bodies change in many ways as we get older – including our hair! Hormonal imbalances and other natural processes that we experience as we age can lead to a lot of things going on in our bodies. While the changes in our hair occur naturally, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to care for your locks and ensure you are keeping them in the best condition possible. Read on to find out about what your hair might go through as you age and how you can ensure your locks keep thriving!

Reduced hair strength

As we age, the amount of keratin available to our hair follicles declines. Reduced keratin leads to weak, fragile, and brittle strands. What does this mean? Your hair is more likely to break or develop split ends. It also loses its ability to deal with harsh styling techniques or even brushing. You may notice that it’s becoming thinner or looking more frizzy in certain places. Some strands might even be splitting or breaking off.

The good news? Developing a hair care routine with products that target breakage and weak strands will go a long way in keeping those locks in tip-top condition! Speak to your hairdresser about what products are best for you.


The texture of your locks can definitely change as you age. You may notice your strands start to feel more coarse, especially when you run your fingers through them. Rather than the sleek hair you might be used to, your locks can feel rough and look dull. A gentle shampoo that has been formulated for fragile hair can be a great addition to your hair care routine, as well as a nourishing oil to keep those strands from becoming rough and losing shine.

Less growth

For most of your life, your hair goes through a predictable cycle of growth – but as with most changes that mid-life brings along, hormone fluctuations can mess with this schedule. You might notice that your hair takes longer to grow after a trim, or that you can’t quite reach the same length you once could. It might even feel like your hair growth just hits a plateau.

While there aren’t any miracle products that will make your hair grow (at any stage of life!), paying particular attention to the nourishment of your scalp and strands will ensure that any hair growth is healthy.

Dry strands and scalp

As we age, the natural oil that hydrates your hair and gives it its lustrous shine can decrease. This means that your scalp and lengths are more prone to dryness. It can even lead to itchiness and flakiness, particularly when it comes to your scalp. As washing our hair every day can strip our natural oils, it’s even more important to spread out those hair wash days to combat dryness. It’s also a great idea to use a deep conditioning hair mask once or twice a week to keep those locks as nourished and hydrated as possible!

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