There’s no denying it, social media plays a huge part in today’s beauty industry. No matter what form of social media you use, it’s pretty hard to escape all of the ‘tips’, ‘tricks’, and ‘must-haves’. And while it’s a great way to find inspiration for new hairstyles or an added step to your hair care routine, it can also have its downsides. Just like our skin, our hair is unique to us and each and every one of us is different. We’re here today to help debunk some popular social media hair myths!

Regular trims will make your hair grow faster

This is a *super* popular tip that appears all the time on social media. Unfortunately, this isn’t a solution to speady hair growth. Our hair grows in cycles and these cycles are just a part of our biology. Our locks grow from the root, which means that what we do to the ends has no effect on hair growth. However, if you’re not taking care of your ends, you’re overall hair health will suffer. This means that when you do book in for a trim, the likelihood of you having to get more cut off is higher in order to keep your hair thriving. This is why it may seem like regular trims lead to hair growth! Regular trims are essential for happy, healthy hair.

Stress leads to grey hair

This is another super popular myth and while we’d love to have something to blame for our grey hairs, this isn’t it! Stress has nothing to do with hair colour. Our hair pigment is made of melanin and when the cells that are responsible for hair pigment slow down in producing colour, that’s when greying occurs. Stress can definitely affect our hair in other ways – such as shedding or overall poor hair health – but it’s not responsible for grey hairs.

You should skip conditioner if you have oily hair

Conditioners are here to maintain and balance the natural moisture of your hair and even if you have oily locks, using conditioner isn’t the reason for this or a way to make it worse. Oily hair is caused by many factors and using a conditioner (or other hair product) that’s designed for oily hair can actually help to combat it. If you feel as if your conditioner is truly causing your hair to become oily, it may be the wrong product for you. Speak to your hair stylist and they can recommend a conditioner that will suit your hair type.

Rinsing your hair in cold water will make it shiner

The smoother your hair is, the shinier it appears as smooth hair is achieved when the cuticle is intact. When the cuticle is damaged, this gives the appearance of frizzy hair. Unfortunately, cold water has nothing to do with cuticles and doesn’t actually make your hair shinier! The good news? No need to brave a cold rinse!

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