When it comes to beauty, there’s not much that water isn’t good for! It works wonders for our skin, our nails, not to mention our overall health. On top of this, it’s also great for our hair. Staying hydrating can really help your locks thrive, especially if you’ve been feeling a little lacklustre when it comes to your hair. However, does drinking water actually help our hair grow? Today, we’re diving deep into what water can actually do for our strands.

What will actually make my hair grow?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but there’s no trick for making your hair grow instantly (we’re pretty sure you already knew that, though!). So many different factors go into healthy, growing hair, such as lifestyle, diet, and yes, hydration levels. This isn’t even taking into account your hair care routine and product choices. Long, healthy hair begins at your scalp – making scalp care SO important when it comes to your strands. 

When it comes to drinking water, we can all agree that adequate hydration is *super* important for our overall health – including our hair. Like we said above, a healthy scalp is key when it comes to healthy hair growth and if you’re not drinking enough water, chances are your scalp won’t be thriving like it could be. So while unfortunately drinking water isn’t a miracle hair growth treatment, it is vital when it comes to taking care of your locks and ensuring you have the best chance of growing healthy hair!

How can I make sure I’m drinking enough water?

Bring a water bottle with you everywhere – including keeping one beside your bed! You’ll be surprised by how much more water you drink simply because you have it there with you. Try to have a glass first thing in the morning and just before bed as well. 

Finding a water bottle that has hourly water goals on it is also a great way to track your water intake, or simply setting yourself a reminder on your phone. Small steps add up and you’ll be seeing the benefits in no time!

What else can I do?

If your scalp and strands need a little extra TLC, a scalp scrub and serum can really help promote healthy locks and support hair growth. Try adding a clarifying shampoo into your routine, as well as a hair mask to help nourish and support hydration.

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