Thin hair can be the bane of a lot of our existences – it can feel flat, dull and lifeless! You may find that your thin hair can be difficult to style and feel like it never holds volume, no matter what you do or what products you use. While you might not be thinking about it, some of your hair habits might be causing damage to your thin hair and working against your voluminous goals. We are here to let you know that with a few minor adjustments, you can easily avoid some common mistakes and help make the most of your thinner locks!

Don’t pull your hair back when wet

It can be tempting to immediately tie your hair back post hair wash, especially if it’s the morning or if you are in a rush. Doing this can cause serious damage, however, especially if your hair is on the thinner side. Hair stretches when wet and tying it back can cause stress and breakage to the strands. If you absolutely must tie it back when it is wet, we recommend using a silk scrunchie to gently pull your hair back.

Overusing the hair oil 

Don’t get us wrong, hair oil can be great! It’s fantastic to moisturise the lengths of your hair and keep them healthy, shiny and hydrated. However, if you are already battling thin hair, we suggest going very light with the hair oil. Hair oils can be too heavy for those with thinner locks and cause your hair to flatten out further and stick to the scalp – making it appear even less voluminous. If your hair is in need of moisture, try using a conditioning treatment or hair mask instead!

Not using conditioner

It can be tempting to skip the conditioner altogether when you have thin hair, in order to avoid it becoming flat, heavy and limp. However, it’s so important to nourish our hair and keep our scalp healthy and thriving. Try using a conditioner specifically for volume to add some body back into your locks.

Avoiding trims

When you have thin hair it can be tempting to completely avoid haircuts – why would you want to trim away what hair you do have? It’s so important to keep getting regular trims in order to maintain healthy hair. Regular haircuts will strengthen your locks, ensuring they always look nice and healthy. Neat, clean ends will help to give the appearance of a crisp and full look to your hair

Blow-drying downwards

While you might think that blow-drying your hair downwards towards your scalp is the best way to avoid frizz and flyaways, it’s time to change your ways! Blow drying your roots away from your scalp can help to add in extra height and volume. Using a round brush when doing so will also help to lift the roots and give your hair more body.

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