There’s nothing like setting goals to make 2019 your best year yet and it should be the
same when it comes to your hair!

If your hair took a back seat last year and it’sstarting to show,
then it’s time to kick off this year with some hair resolutions that
will bring you healthy, gorgeous and fun hair all throughout 2019.

Start a hair care routine and stick to it

Having a great hair care routine in place can ensure that your hair is always in the best
condition possible and is as healthy as it can be. Consistency is key though! Make this
year the year you stick to your routine. It doesn’t have to be much but simply using
the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, using a deep conditioning hair mask
1-2 times per week and reducing the amount of heat styling you use can do wonders
for your locks. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it!

Master the quick top knot

How many times have you run late because you just couldn’t get you hair right?
We’ve all been there! Mastering something as simple as a cute top knot can cut the
time you spend on your hair right down and guarantee that you’re never late again
(well mostly!). Practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to keep trying until you’ve
got it down pat and done in less than 5 minutes. You’ll feel less stressed and have
more time for other important things in the morning – like sleep!

Keep it natural

We all know that heat styling isn’t great for our hair but doing it on the daily can
cause real long-term damage! Make 2019 the year that you embrace your natural hair
or opt for a cute up-do.

Get a new hairstyle

New year, new you! Maybe 2019 should be the year that you finally change up your
hair like you’ve been wanting to. There’s nothing like a new colour or a new style to
make you feel like a completely different person and give you a huge confidence

Commit to a trim every six to eight weeks

When was the last time you actually had a trim? Start this year off right and book in
for that much needed trim with us, and then commit to having one every six to eight weeks.
You’ll be surprised by how healthy this keeps your hair!

We have annual packages available for this, ask one of our lovely staff for more information!

Eat for your hair

We know this might seem a bit strange but your diet can actually play a big part in the
overall quality and health of your hair! Making sure your diet is full of healthy
vitamins, minerals and nutrient dense food goes a long way in keeping your hair
healthy and shiny. A diet rich in quality protein and omega 3 is one of the best ways
to look after your hair and keep it looking fab!

Invest in quality products

Your hair really is worth investing in and the damage that low quality hair products
can do over time is something to be wary of. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending
a fortune however, but having your hairdresser recommend you a few staple products
will really make a difference to the quality of your hair!

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