So, you’ve been travelling around Europe for the past couple of months to escape the Australian summer and now, it’s back to reality! Whether you spent your time lounging by the water or sweating up a storm looking at tourist attractions, chances are your hair wasn’t your first priority. Firstly, that’s 100% ok! Holidays are all about living in the moment and, let’s face it, travelling with your whole hair care routine can be hard (not to mention we’re sure you’d rather spend your time away on so many other things). If you’ve returned from holidays and you’re finding that your hair needs a little TLC then we’re here to help!

Don’t skip the hydration

Travel really does a number on your hydration levels, so one of the most important things you can do for your locks – not to mention your skin and body – is to make a conscious effort to drink more water. No matter how hard we try, we never end up drinking as much water as we would at home while we’re on holiday, so it’s a great way to start getting your hair back on track!

Commit to a hair pamper night

Picking a night of the week to really focus on nourishing and caring for your hair is a great way to get your routine going again. Maybe add in a scalp scrub to give your scalp some extra love and a hydrating hair mask to quench those locks. It’s also a great way to destress and treat yourself – while also taking care of your hair at the same time! It’s a win-win.

Try out some heatless hairstyles

Whether you were using heat tools on your hair or not while travelling, our hair can always do with a break from heat styling. If your locks are recovering from weeks of sun, surf, and good food, going heatless is a great way to ensure they stay as healthy as possible. Plus, heatless hairstyles have come such a long way and there are so many cute ones to try out! Your strands will be thriving again in no time.

Book in a trim

We can safely say that not many of us pay the salon a visit while on an overseas holiday, so chances are your locks could do with a trim. Getting a trim will remove any dry, split ends that have been caused by excessive sun or chlorine exposure. Unfortunately, no amount of hair care products can replace what a trim can do for you! Pay your hairdresser a visit and your hair will love you for it.

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