While parting your hair may not seem important or something you think too long about, doing so according to your face shape can change up your whole look! While there’s always arguments about whether a side or middle part is better, it really does come down to your own face shape. As long as you’re framing your face correctly, both can look just as good! Most people have been parting their hair the same way for years, without giving it much thought. A hair part can really have an impact, accentuating your cheekbones, elongating your face, even soften or sharpen angles. We’re here today to help you figure out what kind of part is most flattering for your face shape!

Determining your face shape

Choosing the right part for your face shape can be just as powerful as contouring – though it requires much less skill! Not sure how to determine your face shape? Grab a notepad, pen, and measuring tape:

Measure the width of your forehead by holding the tape measure across your forehead, from headline to headline. Next, measure the width of your cheekbones by starting at the hairline above your cheekbones and measuring the distance across your face. Then, measure your jawline width by starting underneath your ears and measuring the distancing along your jaw to the middle of your chin (multiply that number by 2). Finally measure your face length by measuring from the centre of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

Once your have your measurements, use them to determine the following:

If your cheekbones and face length have measurements that are similar and they are larger than your forehead and jawline, you have a round face shape. If all your measurements are mostly similar, you have a square face shape. If your face length is largest while all of your other measurements are around the same number, you have a long face shape. If your face length is largest, then your cheekbones, forehead, followed by your jawline, you have a diamond face shape. Also, consider your facial features and this will help determine which category you fit in best!

Round face shape

If your measurements showed you have a round face shape, you are lucky that both a middle and side part are flattering! A middle part can give you a symmetrical and lengthening look, while a side part can look great with bouncy, luscious waves.

Long face shape

A middle part works exceptionally well for those with a long face shape. Layers or a fringe can also really play up your longer face shape.

Square face shape

Your part can help to soften the angles of your square face shape and create a soft frame around your face. This is why a soft side part works so well for this face shape! Don’t go too far to the side, instead keeping it soft to achieve a rounder look.

Diamond face shape

A side part also works fantastically for diamond face shapes. Typically, people with this face shape have sharper and more defined cheekbones, meaning a side part can help to soften the shape.


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