Thick hair is often thought of as the ideal type of hair to have, but those who were born with a full head of thick, luscious locks are definitely familiar with the struggle of managing their mop. It’s a classic case of wanting the opposite of what we have! Having volume is great and something that many are envious of, but it can often be time consuming to style thick hair – and let’s not even talk about frizz! That’s why we are giving you our best tips and tricks for dealing with thick hair.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Thick hair tends to be more on the dry side of the hair spectrum, so it’s important to use products that keep your hair hydrated and keep the frizz at bay. Hair oils are going to be one of your best friends. They work hard to keep your strands nourished and moisturised, ultimately helping to keep frizz at bay. What’s even better, as a thick-haired person, hair oil is less likely to weigh your strands down. 

Hair masks will also be a saviour as they are packed with hydrating ingredients that will keep those thick strands moisturised – particularly the ends where you might be experiencing a lot of dryness. Schedule in some time for a little hair TLC and treat yourself to a moisturising hair mask.

Be smart about hair washing frequency

As we mentioned, thicker hair tends to be on the dryer side, meaning the more you wash it, the dryer it will become. While those with thinner hair tend to be able to get away with more frequent washing, thick hair can go longer between washes. Washing your hair too often can actually strip the natural oils from your hair, leading to a cycle of dry hair, so if you’re struggling with dryness, it’s a good idea to cut back your washes as much as possible in order for your hair’s oils to balance out.


Styling thick hair? It can be a *real* challenge. Some days, wrangling those locks into any style can be difficult. Learning to braid your thick strands will be one of the best things you do! Thick braids look ah-mazing and they also keep your hair out of the way – this is super helpful if your hair is long as well as thick.

Half-up half-down hairstyles are also a great go-to for thicker hair types. They still allow you to wear your hair down, but you don’t need to worry about styling quite as much hair. They’re often quick and easy too, cutting your styling time down!

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