You wake up, get dressed quicker than you ever thought you would have to, make lunches, get kids ready for school, drop them off, go to work or work around the house and then in a flash it’s school pick-up time and your day has disappeared.  Only to then be replaced with making dinner, giving baths and reading ONE THOUSAND books before the kids actually decide it’s okay for them to go to sleep now.  Don’t worry – we get it.  We totally get it!

When your work, life, kids and home routine is as structured as a military operation.  How on earth do you find time for yourself?  No, we don’t mean that five minutes of silence you have in the car on the way to work, we mean actual time to yourself.

We’re big on giving our clients a relaxing experience so that they can have that ‘me’ time they, oh so deserve.  Our client journey which you can read about HERE talks through just this.  Offering that extra bit of head massage time goes a long way in giving a time out for our clients, both with kids and without.   We beg of you, next time you’re ready to lock yourself in the bathroom (or the pantry) to escape your grabby children, take your phone with you and book a hair appointment!


Kids are totally welcome here

Sometimes it’s hard to find a sitter, have Dad at home or book in that time with the Grandparents – so if all else fails, we’ve got your back!  We are most definitely a kid-friendly salon and if you can get into your zone of relaxation with your kids around, then certainly bring them along if you need to.  Self-care is important!


But…the real fun happens when you find a sitter

Imagine it, you select a beverage from our menu when you walk in.  You get to drink it in peace and HOT.  Holy crap.  Hot coffee?  What the heck is that?

You get to chat with an adult about adult things!

There’s no Wiggles playing in the background.  We select our soundtrack for chilling out, there isn’t any Anthony or Simon here – we promise.  Unless they happen to pop in for some ‘me’ time themselves and in which case, we promise they won’t sing “Big Red Car”

You get a killer head massage where you can really zone out and relax.  We know you’ll be needing it after the baby ‘hair pulling’ stage.


Why not book in advance to hold yourself to your self-care promise?

We LOVE taking bookings in advance, so if you need a few weeks to organise the time to get here.  That’s totally fine!  It also means you won’t be wanting to give up that couple of hours of relaxation that you’ve been looking forward to.  It’ll be on your mind until you’re sitting in our chair.


Sounds like bliss right?  We guarantee it is.  At Koto we LOVE seeing our clients walk out feeling refreshed and relaxed.  Especially if we know they have been running their military level routine for the past month without any time for themselves!  We’re Mums ourselves and even we know the fun, fulfilling but exhausting time that is raising our children (and husbands) whilst still finding time for US!


Engage, inspire, Connect, Laugh….koto



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