There’s nothing quite like the feeling of leaving the hairdresser with the perfect bouncy blowout. That is, until you try to recreate it after your next hair wash. Suddenly your arms weigh a ton and you can never get your lengths to flick just right! While we absolutely agree that it’s hard to recreate the magic of a hair professional (we’re definitely not biased!), there are times when you’re looking for that salon-perfect blowout and you just can’t make it to your hairdresser. We want to give you our best tips and tricks for achieving a fresh, voluminous blowout from the comfort of your own home!

It starts in the shower

Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type will go a long way in keeping your locks healthy and thriving – definitely important if you’re looking to get that blowout effect! If you’re not sure what the best in-shower products are for your hair, it’s a great idea to talk to your hairdresser about what they recommend.

Preparation is key

While your hair has to be damp to begin the blowout process, it doesn’t need to be soaking wet – AKA dripping water all over your bathroom floor. Not only will this create less mess for you to clean up later, it will also minimise the amount of time your hair needs to be exposed to heat. It’s a great idea to soak up excess moisture using a microfibre towel. Next, it’s super important to apply a heat protectant – the last thing we want is to cause damage to those strands!

Grab that dryer

Use your hairdryer to dry your hair about 70% of the way before breaking out your round brush and concentrator nozzle. This is when you might start getting a little scared but don’t worry, we know you’ve got this! Parting your hair with clips really helps you to concentrate on each section and ensures you cover your whole head without all your strands getting in the way.

Take your time

Now it’s time to roll your sectioned-off piece of hair around the brush and apply heat. Don’t remove the brush right away – keep the round brush in and wait to remove it until that section has cooled down. This will ensure your hard work sets in nicely. Now repeat this process with all of your hair. We know that might sound easier than it actually is but patience is key! It’s also important not to use the highest setting on your dryer to avoid losing that bounce due to overstretching the hair.

Lock it all in

Finish off your blowout with a finishing cream that will help to tame any frizz and lock in those beautiful, bouncy strands. Just remember that practice makes perfect and you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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