Not only are we well and truly into the new year, we are also in a new decade. This means that we are starting to see new and upcoming trends that will stick around for 2020. So if you’re ready to embrace the new year and are looking to change it up, now is the perfect time to book in that appointment at your salon! If you need a little inspiration for your next ‘do, here are what we predict will be the top hair trends of 2020.

The short cut

Gone are the days of overdoing the extensions, 2020 is all about the short, chic, and maintainable haircut. A shorter cut is incredibly in right now and we predict that it will be here to stay for 2020. Our lives are only getting busier and so we are all looking for a style that needs the least maintenance possible. From throwing it up for the gym to styling it for that important work meeting, a shorter cut can be your best friend.

Beach waves and mermaid hair

We were already beginning to see a shift towards this in the back half of 2019, but beachy waves, textured locks and mermaid-like hair will only get more popular in 2020. In the beauty space, we are seeing a movement towards more natural and ‘undone’ looks. That’s why everyone is loving tousled, loose waves that give the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance.

The retro shag

2020 has seen a big move towards embracing the 70’s retro shag. With many celebrities already sporting the look, we think this one will be sticking around for most of the year! Featuring a soft, tousled look with multiple layers, this is one way to put a modern twist on a 70’s ‘do.

Solid colours

This year, we will be seeing a shift away from highlights, ombre and balayage, as many are opting for a single colour look. Choosing a single colour requires less maintenance than highlights and as we’ve seen, 2020 is the year for low maintenance locks. We also predict that warmer colours will become a popular choice for this year. They don’t require as much upkeep as blonde colour and can fade out nicely.

Embracing the natural

We are starting to see a lot of people move away from the overly straightened, sleek look and instead embracing their natural hair texture. Whether you have tight curls, loose waves or anything in between, 2020 is the year to experiment with your natural locks! Don’t be afraid to ditch the heat tools and show off your natural hair. This will also help to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy.

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