Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and implementing a scalp care routine is a great way to keep your locks feeling their best! Our scalp often gets neglected and instead we tend to focus all our attention on the lengths of our hair. Scalp care is important because that’s where our hair grows from and where our hair follicles are. It’s still essential to look after the lengths of your hair and to trim the ends every six weeks, but the foundation of our hairs stems from the scalp. Here are our top tips for a healthy scalp!

Massage your scalp 

Giving yourself a scalp massage can help to increase blood circulation and spreads the natural oils throughout the roots of your hair. This can help to keep your roots strong and hydrated! Adding a hair oil is a great way to further increase hydration and keep your scalp healthy. It’s the perfect excuse for a little self-care (not that we need an excuse!).

Use a scalp exfoliant

You might already be using an exfoliating product for your face but not many of us know that a scalp exfoliant should be part of your routine as well! Implementing a scalp scrub once a week helps to remove dead skin and product build-up. It also helps to increase cell turnover and blood circulation. Apply to a wet scalp and use gentle circular motions with the tips of your fingers.

Keep it clean

While it’s important not to over-shampoo your hair, keeping your scalp clean is an effective way to keep it healthy. Shampooing your hair reduces sebum build-up and keeps your hair from becoming excessively oily.

A healthy lifestyle for healthy hair

This is an important tip for both your scalp and the lengths of your hair! Eating well, drinking enough water, getting enough good quality sleep and engaging in exercise are all part of maintaining a healthy scalp. Just like any other part of your body, your hair benefits from living a healthy lifestyle!

Stay protected

If you damage the skin on your scalp, it will be much more difficult for your hair to grow. There are many things that can cause damage to your scalp, such as sun exposure, hot temperatures and harsh chemicals. Always avoid products that cause irritation to your scalp and ensure you protect it with heat protectant when using styling tools. If you know you will be out in the sun, wear a hat and use a hair SPF. It’s also good to avoid washing your hair under water that is extremely hot.

Stay hydrated 

A moisturised, nourished and hydrated scalp is a happy (and healthy) scalp! One of the best ways to keep your scalp from drying out is to use a deep conditioning treatment, leave in conditioner or hair mask. Using these products once a week is a great way to restore essential moisture and keep your scalp in tiptop condition!

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