Let’s face it – going blonde is a *big* commitment! Not only that, it can be quite the process to achieve the shade of blonde you desire, especially if your natural hair colour is on the darker side. From multiple salon visits to the upkeep, going blonde takes a lot more consideration than you might think. If you’ve been thinking about making a change lately, today’s blog post is all about the things you should consider before going blonde!

You may experience drier hair than usual

There’s no way around it – bleaching your hair is hard on the hair follicles. While it is effective from removing the colour pigment from your hair, it also removes other things along with it, such as the natural oils that work to keep your locks hydrated. What does this mean? Bleaching your hair will often leave it feeling dry, brittle and damaged.

That’s not to say going blonde is a bad idea! There are many products you can use to nourish your hair after making the commitment to go lighter and your hair care routine becomes even more important. Just be aware that your hair may experience some dryness and damage.

A toning product will be your best friend

The worst part about going blonde? That brassy hue your locks inevitably take on. A toning product, such as a purple toning shampoo, will help to keep your blonde hair looking bright, cool and knock out those brassy tones we don’t want.

A toning product will become an essential part of your new hair routine and will ensure that the blonde colour remains the shade you want it to between salon visits.

It can take multiple hours over multiple sessions

Depending on your natural hair colour, the time you spend in the salon will vary. It may take more than one session over multiple hours in the salon chair to achieve the blonde look that you are after. It pays to be aware that the process might be longer than you first anticipated! Have a chat to your stylist as they will be able to give you an indication of what it will take for your hair.

Also, be aware that once you go blonde, you will most likely have to book in regular trips to the salon in order to maintain the colour over time!

You may experience more split ends than usual

Because chemically-treated hair becomes stripped of its natural oils and ends up dryer than usual, it can weaken the hair and cause it to lose its strength. This means that the hair is more susceptible to damage, breakage and split ends.

While nourishing hair products are great for restoring moisture and minimising the appearance of damage, unfortunately, there is no way to reverse split ends once they form. If you find that your newly blonde locks are experiencing more split ends than normal, the best thing you can do is book in for a trim with your hairdresser!

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