We’re sure you’ve heard of the term product build-up – maybe even products that specifically target it. But what exactly is it and what do you do about it? Basically, build-up is the accumulation of both natural and added ‘stuff’ on your hair and scalp. Product build-up specifically refers to the accumulation of added products. So, let’s take a closer look.

Not all products will lead to product build-up – it’s mostly caused by film-forming products that include ingredients such as mineral oil, petroleum, waxes, butters, and heavy oils. These types of ingredients are more difficult to rinse off in the shower, therefore they tend to hang around! This doesn’t mean that these ingredients are bad or that you need to avoid them, you just need to make an effort to remove the build-up they can cause.

Build-up doesn’t necessarily damage your hair, but it does make it more difficult for moisture and nourishment to reach the hair strand. This is what can lead to scalp issues.

How do I know if I have product build-up?

There are quite a few different ways that product build-up can present itself. Some of the most common effects are: oiliness, dryness, breakage, scalp irritation, or flakiness. 

What’s the best thing to do about product build-up?

Avoiding product build-up is absolutely possible. The best way to do so is to shampoo your hair regularly (not *too* often though, it’s all about finding the right balance). Assessing how often your hair needs washing is important, as everyone will be different.

Other than regular washing, you can also reduce the amount of products you use between washes if you are noticing product build-up. Keep product use light and only use what you absolutely need to. 

Give that scalp a scrub! While you can invest in a scalp scrubbing product, you can also use a wide-tooth comb while shampooing to really scrub that scalp. It’s great for deep cleaning.

It’s important to note that any products used to remove product build-up can also strip the good nutrients and natural oils from your scalp. If you keep letting your products build up, a more harsh solution will be required. This means it’s better to deal with product build-up early, rather than letting it get out of hand! Using preventative steps in your hair care routine will ensure you don’t have to resort to severe treatments that will only strip your hair!

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