Just like our skin, our hair types are all different. Some of us experience oily hair, while others hair dry locks or a flaky scalp. And also just like our skin, it’s possible to have a combination of different hair types. This can be difficult, as many products only seem to target one specific hair type. So what do you do if you are experiencing dry ends but oily roots? Today we’re going to give you our best tips and tricks for dealing with this type of combination hair.

Change up the way you use shampoo and conditioner

While it might not be something you think about, the way you use both shampoo and conditioner might be affecting your hair and causing it to become more oily at the roots and dryer at the ends. When shampooing, focus the product on just your roots so you can remove the build up of oil, dirt and products. This will ensure you leave most of the natural oils to keep the lengths moisturised instead of stripping them.

When it comes to conditioner, keep the product focused on the ends of your hair in order to rehydrate them. Let the conditioner sit for a while to really nourish the ends before washing it out. When it comes to hair washing, think about each step separately rather than applying each product to the entirety of your hair.

Additionally, we recommend choosing high-quality products that are free from any nasty chemicals and harmful ingredients. This will ensure you are treating your hair with love!

Are you washing your hair too frequently?

You may think that because you suffer from oily roots, you need to wash your hair more frequently. However, this is not the case. Frequent washing strips the hair of its natural oils that keep it healthy and hydrated, and doing so may be causing your hair to over produce oil in an attempt to moisturise it (hence leaving your scalp oily!). Consider keeping the hair washing to a minimum and aim for two to three times per week.

If you still notice your roots getting overly oil, try using a dry shampoo between washes while your hair adjusts to your new washing frequency.

Target your dry ends with an oil

Oils may sound scary for those who already suffer from an oily scalp, but that’s no reason to neglect your dry ends! Using a high-quality hair oil on the ends can help rehydrate them and keep them nourished. Only a few drops are needed and focus them on the mid to ends of your hair, avoiding your roots.

Get a trim

If your ends are experiencing dryness from damage and split-ends, it may be time to book in a visit to your salon as soon as you are able to do so. A freshen up of the ends may be all you need to help reduce the dryness.

Rock the up do’s

Dry ends can be the result of excess heat style, while your scalp may be overcompensating for this by producing excess oils. If you’re guilty of reaching for the straightening, blow dryer or curling wand frequently, it might be time to experiment with some heat-free up do’s! This will give your locks a break from the heat and may really help when it comes to your oily scalp and dry ends.

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