We won’t deny it – changing up your hair colour can be fun! The temptation to do so has been especially high, thanks to isolation. While we love to make a statement with our locks (think vivid blues and bright pinks), what comes after might be a little more difficult than you thought it was going to be. If you’ve reached for some crazy colours during isolation and now want your original colour back, here are a few things you need to know.

This one goes out to all the blondes out there – we wish it was that easy! 

We’ve had an influx of girls who have put blue or hot pink colour over their gorgeous blonde hair, in an effort to combat isolation boredom (don’t worry, we feel you on that one!). Unfortunately, this means they are now coming into the salon and expecting us to “just get it out” for them. Oh, how we wish we could!

If you have bleached or pre-lightened highlights and balayage and you’ve put direct dye over the top, sadly we cannot then bleach over the top of that. This is because it will cause some *serious* damage and breakage to your gorgeous locks!

Often, we may suggest a haircare plan of deep cleansers, backed up with hydrating treatments for a few weeks. After this, we will get you to come in again so we can reassess your hair and the conditions it’s in. Then, we can hopefully strip the remaining unwanted colour.

One thing is for certain

Please listen to your hairstylist – we can’t stress this enough! Do not attempt to bleach your colour out at home. Your hair is likely to break off (AKA not what we want!). 

While playing with bright colours can be fun, it’s better to be aware of the consequences before you do anything drastic. While we wish that we were miracle workers, unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do! 

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