For many of us, colouring our hair is a way to experiment, change up our style, or express our creativity. There’s nothing quite like leaving the salon with a new colour and that fresh hair feeling! It’s also very tempting to try your hand at colouring your own hair. With many different options available for at-home dye, it’s not hard to see why a lot of us go the DIY route. However, there is a *huge* difference between DIY and professional colour, and in this case, it’s best to seek professional services. Here’s why we recommend seeing a professional when colouring your hair.

Factors to consider when choosing a colour

While it may seem easy to just grab a box of hair colour off the shelf, there are so many factors that go into how the colour will come. Underlying pigment, skin tone, hair condition, and previous colour are just some of the things that will contribute to the end result. Even if you think you have the exact same hair colour as someone else, it’s more than likely your results will be completely different even if you use the same box dye. A professional will be able to assess your hair and determine what colour is right for you to achieve the result you are looking for!

Professional training

When engaging the services of a professional, you are engaging the services of someone who has been fully trained and qualified to colour hair. The average person does not know much about hair porosity, density, and elasticity (all things to consider when colouring hair!), and seeking a professional stylist will ensure that everything about your hair is taken into account.

It could lead to hair damage

Many people associate colouring hair with hair damage, but professional hair colour has been expertly formulated to have unique conditioning agents that condition hair during the colouring process. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about box dye that is readily available off the shelf.

You may end up having to seek professional help anyway

What happens when you were aiming for that perfect ashy blonde colour, but instead ended up with something more…orange? Or that dark brown that came out slightly green? You may end up having to go to the salon for some emergency damage control. A hairstylist will have to colour-correct your hair, which can be an aggressive colour removal process – and this is before they even start the process for the colour you actually wanted. The result? Not only are you facing the possibility of causing more damage than you may have already, but the job will also be *much* more expensive than if you’d consulted a professional from the beginning!

There’s so much involved in the colouring process, and a lot of risks when you take matters into your own hands. It’s always best to book in with a professional and ensure that you achieve the results you are looking for!

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