Every year brings about new trends and different hairstyles that become all the rage. Whether the current trend is voluminous locks or a retro shaggy 70s style, there are many styles that have never quite gone out of fashion. If you’re ready for a change when it comes to your locks, but don’t want to commit to a look that will soon be out of style, we’ve got you covered when it comes to timeless trends.

Hollywood waves

When it comes to timeless hairstyles, you can’t go past old Hollywood waves. Coming into popularity in the 40s and 50s, these waves truly set the groundwork for curls that we still favour today. Soft, bouncy curls are a great way to bring some glamour into your look and compliment any outfit or occasion. Easily achieved with a curling wand and teasing comb for volume, pair these waves with a red lip for a look that screams old Hollywood and will look just as amazing today.

Shaggy 70s hair

Shaggy hair with effortless bangs have made a roaring comeback – but did they truly ever leave? It’s the perfect look for those who prefer that laidback, but still put-together look. It’s eye-catching and still understated. If you’re after a complete style change that is easy to maintain, getting bangs is a great way to go (as always, we don’t suggest a DIY job!). Dampen your bangs with texturising spray to give them that fluffy shape, as well as running the spray and your fingers through the rest of your locks. The shaggier, the better!

Voluminous curls

While a lot of trends from the 80s should stay behind in that decade (fluro, anyone?), voluminous hair is something that has carried on into the present day. Especially when it comes to curls and waves. If you haven’t been blessed with thick, voluminous locks, no need to fear! Curls are a great way to give the illusion of thicker hair, especially when you use a teasing comb to give you even more lift. While we might not be channeling the exact hair perm look from the 1980s, voluminous curls truly are timeless.

Blunt bob with bangs

Looking for something bold yet chic? The blunt bob with bangs is a great way to go. If you want to make a complete hair change, this is one style that never goes out of fashion. It’s low maintenance and easy to style on those days where you need to wake up and head out the door. You can experiment with the way you style your bob, keeping it sleek and straight or leaving it wavy and natural.

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